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So You’re Ready to Seek Varicose Vein Treatment Options in Houston. Now What?

You’ve had it with your varicose vines. They’re unsightly and leaving you feeling tired, grumpy, and in pain. Those unattractive, uncomfortable varicose veins have simply got to go. Congratulations! Making that decision is the first step towards enjoying a life with healthier, better looking veins. Now that you’ve reached this point, however, you’ve come up

Choosing the Best Houston Vein Doctor For You

Living with vein disease is anything but fun. Fortunately, there are plenty of varicose vein treatment options in Houston to help you find the relief you need. Whether you’re looking to improve your appearance, improve your health or both, the right vein doctor can give you access to the treatments you need to look and

Texas Vein & Wellness Institute Releases New Article on Why Houston Vein Doctors Consider Varicose Veins to be More than a Cosmetic Issue

April 18th, 2015. Houston, TX. Texas Vein & Wellness Institute is releasing a new article exploring why Houston vein doctors consider varicose veins to be more than a cosmetic concern. According to the Houston vein clinic, even though varicose veins are a common problem that affect millions of Americans each year, many patients incorrectly assume

Varicose Veins – A Common Problem, but Houston Vein Doctors Say They are More Than a Cosmetic Concern

If you’ve started to notice the signs of bulging varicose veins on your legs, you’re not alone. In fact, Houston vein doctors say that millions of American adults, particularly women and those over the age of fifty, experience varicose veins every year. What makes varicose veins such a common (and serious) problem? Read on to

Texas Vein & Wellness Institute: New Article on Vein Disease from a Vein Clinic in Houston

April 4th, 2015. Houston, TX. Texas Vein & Wellness Institute is pleased to announce a new article outlining what happens when a patient has vein disease. According to the vein clinic in Houston, vein disease affects millions of American adults each year, yet few patients truly understand its causes. The center hopes this new article

A Houston Vein Doctor Answers the Question “What is Vein Disease”

When you look in the mirror and see bulging, discolored veins on the back of your legs, you know you have a problem. What you might not know, however, is exactly what this problem is. Varicose veins are a symptom of vein disease, a broad term that covers many issues that can occur in your



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