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Some of the Best Vein Doctors in Houston Explain Why Modern Vein Treatments are Pain-Free

Because vein disease is to some extent a genetic disorder, you probably inherited your varicose veins from your mother and grandmother. If you were to go to them and tell them you were thinking of having the swollen veins removed, their first reaction might be to gasp and say, “Aren’t you afraid of the pain?

A Houston Spider Vein Expert Explains What to Do When You Dislike the Look of Your Legs

Although they are caused by similar problems, spider veins are very different from varicose veins. According to our Houston spider vein expert, spider veins are thinner and narrower than varicose veins, and gained their name because they often form web-like patterns that resemble spiders’ webs. Spider veins are red, blue, or purple in color like

Houston Vein Doctors Publish a New Article Discussing the Connection between Vein Health and Overall Health

May 23rd, 2015. Houston, TX. Texas Vein and Wellness Institute is releasing a new article in which they talk about the important relationship between vein health and overall health. According to these prestigious Houston vein doctors, many people believe that varicose veins aren’t “real” diseases, and that they are “merely cosmetic problems” that they can

Houston Vein Doctors Talk about the Connection between Your Vein Health and Your Overall Health

If our years of providing varicose vein treatment in Houston have taught us anything, it’s that most people know very little about the nature of vein disease and how profoundly it can affect their overall health. Every week we meet new patients who describe their varicose veins or spider veins as “just a cosmetic problem,”

Texas Vein & Wellness Institute: New Article from Vein Clinic in Houston on What to Expect Following Vein Treatment

May 16th, 2015. Houston, TX. Texas Vein and Wellness Institute is releasing a new article explaining what patients should expect immediately following their vein treatment procedure. According to the vein clinic in Houston, millions of Americans suffer from vein disease, but many forgo the treatment they need out of fear of the recovery process. The

A Houston Vein Doctor Explains What to Expect After Your Varicose Vein Treatment Procedure

So you’re finally sick of living with uncomfortable, bulging varicose veins. Great! You have a variety of varicose vein treatment options in Houston to choose from that will help you enjoy healthier and better looking veins. Your treatment from Texas Vein & Wellness Institute will be safe, effective, quick, and comfortable, leaving you to return



We want you to feel comfortable and informed before undergoing any vein treatment. As Houston's leading vein clinic, thousands of people have put their trust in us because we are vein specialists. Diagnosing vein disease and treating veins are all we do. Ending your vein pain and suffering is our mission.


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