Vein Disease

Vein DiseaseHouston varicose vein doctors explain that vein disease is a common problem in the United States, affecting some 40-50 million people around the country. Vein disease is also known as chronic venous insufficiency. It occurs when the tiny valves inside our veins weaken or become damaged, which can be due to aging, genetics, or lifestyle factors. When this happens, our veins are less able to propel blood in the upward direction, against gravity, towards our heart. When these valves inside our veins fail, gravity causes the blood to move downwards and to pool in the legs, feet and ankles.

Who gets vein disease?

Vein disease can occur at almost any age and to either gender, but is more likely to occur in women and in people over age 50. People with a family history of vein disease are more likely to develop it themselves, and people who are overweight or obese are also at risk. Finally, those who smoke and those who do not exercise regularly are also at risk of developing vein disease. Smoking, a lack of exercise, and overweight all place extra stress on the venous system, as does aging. The experts at our vein clinic in Houston recommend maintaining a healthy weight and a regular exercise program as excellent ways of preventing or slowing the development of vein disease.

What can be done about vein disease?

There are a variety of varicose vein treatment options in Houston, ranging from sclerotherapy to radiofrequency ablation and microphlebectomy. All of these procedures are minimally invasive, meaning they can be performed on an outpatient basis in about an hour, with no need to go to a hospital or have lengthy downtime. In fact, our patients are delighted to learn that they can achieve healthier, prettier legs with a minimum of discomfort and return to their daily activities the very same day as their procedure.



We want you to feel comfortable and informed before undergoing any vein treatment. As Houston's leading vein clinic, thousands of people have put their trust in us because we are vein specialists. Diagnosing vein disease and treating veins are all we do. Ending your vein pain and suffering is our mission.


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