Causes of Venous Disease

Causes of Venous DiseaseWhen your veins are functioning normally, they use pressure from their walls and a series of one-way valves to keep blood moving back to the heart. If this system breaks down, however, vein disease is often the result. Houston vein doctor Dr. Rao explains that there are a variety of vein disease causes, but many of them are caused by lifestyle.

Vein disease and lifestyle

Your habits have an impact in how your veins function. There are several lifestyle choices can increase your risk for vein disease. Smoking causes damage to many areas of your health, including your veins. Spending long periods of time sitting or standing in the same position can also increase your risk. Being overweight or obese puts unnecessary strain on your veins, increasing the risk of damage. Finally, your veins depend on regular muscle movement to help push blood out of your legs. If your lifestyle is mostly sedentary, your veins are not getting the help they need to work properly.

Uncontrollable factors


Uncontrollable factors of Venous DiseaseNot all of the causes of vein disease are factors that you can control. Hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy and menopause make women more likely to experience vein disease than men. Family history also has a role to play in your level of risk. Trauma to the leg (such as from an injury or surgery) can also cause this condition to develop.

Knowing these causes of vein disease leads to some good news and bad news. The good news is that by making changes to your lifestyle, you can lower your risk. The bad news is that since you can’t control all of these factors, you can’t guarantee that your veins will stay healthy forever. Fortunately, minimally invasive vein treatment provides a safe and effective solution. Contact one of the best vein doctors in Houston to learn more about your options.



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