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Watch Dr. Rao perform the first VenaSeal Treatment with Haley Hernandez on Channel 2

VenaSeal is the latest development in the medical field for treating venous disease. In October, Dr. Rao was one of the first doctors in the country to perform a successful treatment with VenaSeal

How Does It Work?

-VenaSeal, like other treatments for vein disease, Improves blood flow by sealing – or closing – the diseased vein
-We seal the vein by delivering a small amount of medical adhesive to the diseased vein which seals it off and reroutes blood to healthy veins

Advantages of VenaSeal

-Lower rates of pain, bruising, and complications and faster improvement in patients’ quality of life
-Adhesive closes the vein instead of heat
-Only one needle stick for numbing necessary
-No compression stockings required post procedure

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We want you to feel comfortable and informed before undergoing any vein treatment. As Houston's leading vein clinic, thousands of people have put their trust in us because we are vein specialists. Diagnosing vein disease and treating veins are all we do. Ending your vein pain and suffering is our mission.


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